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Senin, 07 November 2011


There's someone posting on our facebook fans page wall, asking us whether if we willing to post all soundtrack from Heartstrings drama. So, of course we will try to serve our best effort for the people who love our site. And if you have a request or something, just let us know so we can try to help you.

Tracklist 1 (OST Part 3) : 
01. Because I Miss You
02. You've fallen for me (inst.)
03. Because I Miss You (inst.)
04. Are You Ready To Fight 
05. What Should We Do
06. To see you go
07. Because I Miss You (Guitar ver.)

File Size: 27MB
You can download it ::HERE:: 

 Tracklist 2 (Special OST) : 
01. I Don't Know (M Signal)
02. So Give Me A Smile (M Signal)
03. Thought We're Only Friends (Oh Won Bin) 
04. I Guess You Don't Know
05. Because I Miss You (Band ver.)
06. I Don't Know (inst.)
07. Thought We're Only Friends (Fusion ver.)
08. The Battle Of Life
09. Right Or Wrong (Habanera)  
 10. Sorrowful Decision

                                                            File Size: 80MB
                                                            You can download it ::HERE:: 


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